What Is Quintana Roo Like, And Where Should You Go To Experience Its Magic?

What can you do to make sure your vacation is one to remember?

Of doubt, white sand beaches are the most appealing feature of any vacation destination.

Tourist Destinations in Mexico

tourist destination in mexico


As the main tourist destination in Mexico, Cancun is the ultimate location for visitors looking to experience it all. Its description simply does not do it justice- you just have to experience it for yourself.

Cancun is a Mexican City known for its beautiful beaches, magnificent waterbodies and nightlife it contains. Individuals who have love for sea shores and nature should visit this place once in the course of their life. Not only the beaches here are pleasing, you may also come across breathtakingly beautiful waterbodies where you can always try fun activities like diving and flyboarding etc.

Moreover, people interested in history might find this place worth been to, as there are multiple Mayan archeological sites at Cancun.

Talking about the nightlife, Cancun is loaded with people prepared to host parties late around evening time which makes the city very lively. Multiple celebrations are organized there at night which catches the interest of the tourists. So, if you are planning to visit Quintana Roo, add Cancun to the list of places you wish to visit there.


A Mayan ruin dreamland, Tulum is the primary port of Coba as well as an archaeological site. Tulum was one of the last Mayan cities built and inhabited and its ruins are found in this area for guests to explore. If you are looking for adventure while you visit, this city can be explored by foot or bike and is accompanied by its beautiful Playa Paradiso beach that is completely free for all to use. With its combination of history, adventure and paradise, Tulum is an idyllic setting.

Multiple archaeological sites grabs the attention of the tourists. Numerous cenotes lie in the heart of Tulum that are worth visiting. You can either have fun doing multiple activities like swimming or just enjoy the beauty of nature.

The Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve is one location you should add in the list of the places you have to visit while being at Tulum as it contains ancient tropical canals, huge forests and the diversity of Wildlife. So, if you are looking to explore the ancient sites, Tulum is the go-to place for you.

tourist destination in mexico

Playa del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen is known as the heart of Riveira Maya. The place is so diverse that one should always visit here if comes to Mexico.

The well-known area is the fifth avenue which contains a wide range of shopping decisions, either it is about the garments and shoes brands or the jewelry shops all are accessible at one stop. The fifth avenue isn’t tied in with shopping only, there are several food places, bars, stores and exhibitions there too, so we can say it is an assorted area having a wide range of spots for individuals having several interests.

Several golf places are also sited at playa del carmen and national and international tournaments are held there.


The Yucatan Peninsula’s northernmost island, Holbox, is a tropical paradise. Protected from the bustle of daily life, the island features a no-vehicle zone. It’s a tropical paradise where you can relax and unwind with a refreshing drink while taking in the stunning scenery, white sand beaches, and cool sea air. Swimming with sharks, snorkeling, or appreciating the phosphorescent seaweeds that light up the ocean at night are just a few of the must-do outdoor activities.

Playa del Carmen
Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is a small island located at the Caribbean Sea, few kilometers off the coast from the Cancun. While being at Isla Mujeres you can hit the famous beach named Playa Norte. It offers the serene environment for one to get lost in the beauty of nature.

Other than the beach, there are several places you can visit while being at the island, including the Underwater Sculpture Museum and Garrafon Park etc.

Foodies might find this place incredible, as the place contains locals and expats providing tourist with the best cuisines possible.  So, if you are a foodie or someone having a great fondness for natural beauty, you might be missing on a lot. Hence plan your visit to Isla Mujeres right away.


Bacalar is a Mexican village on Lake Bacalar. If you want to see the Laguna de Siete Colores, you’ll have to travel around two hours from Tulum to get there. More like the seven colors of blue, it’s more like this. Go kayaking in quest of the “Canal de Los Pirates” and see what you can find. You must see it!

tourist destination in Mexico

Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos is a beautiful village with sirenic and relaxed atmosphere. It has a lot of beautiful cenotes and wide range of marine life that can be seen under the waves.

Beaches there are quite cultural containing bars and shop stalls for the adults and contains playground for the kids to get entertained while being on vacations.

Moreover, there are multiple botanical gardens that grabs the attention of tourists as they are consisted of lush green jungles and mangrove swamp. So, during a walk through the botanical garden, you might come across to different sorts of animals.

While being at Puerto Morelos you can do several fun activities including diving, swimming with dolphins or hiking. So, if you want a day spent well, visit Puerto Morelos today.


Akumal is basically called as “the place of turtles”. There are several beaches in Akumal all having different traits but yet common thing that is the presence of turtles at the beach. Tourists snorkel with the turtles on the Akumal beach.

Akumal also contains different sanctuaries and animal places where you can see the rescued animals. Also, the bars and food at Akumal are really worth trying.


Riviera Maya

In the event that you need a mix of nature and culture at a similar spot, Riviera Maya is the most ideal spot for you.

Riviera Maya contains excellent archeological destinations to visit and wonderful sandy beaches to spend your days at. The beaches there are covered with huge lovely coconut palms.

There are lush green golf destinations to visit as well. Kids might become fond of the place as there are several fun water activities they can carry out at different lagoons, cenotes or at the Caribbean Sea.

Riveira Maya is also known as the best spot for fishing. So, either you are planning a family visit or just a tour with friends make sure to visit Riviera Maya for the best all in one experience.


Cozumel is the largest island in the Mexican Caribbean. The beauty it holds is beyond explanation. If one wants the best diving experience, Cozumel is the place for him.

Sea shores at Cozumel are spectacular, even the jungles there are fun to be at. You will always find something worth watching at Cozumel so plan your visit today.

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